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Honour's debut album 'Candles', released January 1st 2010, is an accumulation of Honour's solo works, as well as collaborations with international producers and lyricists. Exploring and experimenting with inspiration from world and classical music pieces, this album resonates with a certain familiar darkness, creating an original take on underground Australian hip hop.


released January 1, 2010

All tracks recorded by Honour and Amano. Mastered by Honour.



all rights reserved


Honour Adelaide, Australia

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Track Name: Land Of Dreams
Lyrics -

Slowly the moon fades; I stand and watch it run,
Return to where it begun, chasing the fallen sun, so its done.
Im left alone, walking through the field,
Drop the sword and shield,
The spirits are unsealed, its time to build.
The wind caresses the trees,
It shakes hands with the breeze,
Planting its seeds,
I lay surrounded by the leaves.
With forgotten needs, for this place is all that matters.
When Im taken away, all the drama shatters and left in tatters.
Leaning towards leaving,
Conceding the beating,
Demeaning, retreating,
Before seating and reading the pleading.
Whats the meaning of scheming,
With everyone that Im meeting?
While Im still breathing,
Heres my chance to stand tall and start leading.
No more bleeding,
For I know I found my black swan,
I brought my dreams along,
This is where I belong,
It cant be wrong,
I stand strong,
Amidst the outside world,
The skies all swirled and my spirit uncurled.

Dreams have to be dreams or so it seems.
Without contemplation of what the word means.
Follow your heart and follow your soul,
But just make your start and walk towards that goal.

Without those steps, were lost amidst our regrets,
Ignore the rest, who says that you cant be the best?
Show them what you possess,
No time to regress,
Only to progress,
Youre the only limit to your success.
And awaken from the tomb.
Before the doom, the world is yours to consume,
Not a second too soon,
So leave your inhibitions marooned,
The sky is not the limit,
For theres footprints on the moon!

Now I hear the strings rising from the woods,
Whats the value of goods, when lifes full of shoulds and woulds?
Our coulds will all one day fade away to grey,
So we hold our colours with our brothers and lovers another day.
Look up, and see the future that you conceive,
No youre not naive, you can achieve if you believe,
Dont choose to leave, or to bereave,
Theres no need to grieve,
Within this misperceived land of dreams.
For this is where hope is born,
Where we ignore the storm,
Where we adorn the lawn,
Of potential, unborn.
At dawn, we stand tall,
Holding our heavy head up proud,
No need to crowd,
For we all can be above the clouds.